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What you can do?

Discover amazing outdoor spots to play your favorite sports and activities.Track your games, share epic moments, and connect with the athletic community!


Uncover exciting outdoor locations for your beloved sports and adventures near you


Organize games across various sports, invite participants, and broadcast your events to a wider audience


Monitor your activities, with upcoming features to sync with Apple Health and other devices for comprehensive tracking


What's next?

Phase 1: Discover & Engage
  • Venue Discovery
  • Activity Creation & Discovery
  • In-App Chat functionality
  • Basic Tracking
Phase 2: Build Your Community
  • Private Groups
  • Community Feed
  • Booking Coaching Sessions
  • Activity Diversity
  • Seamless Payments
Phase 3: Manage & Track
  • Venue Bookings
  • AI-Powered Analytics
  • Integrated Fitness Tracking
Phase 4: Optimize & Personalize
  • Personalized Sports & Nutrition Recommendations
  • Sports MarketPlace