Letter from the founders

Hey there, I'm Subramanya. Back in the day, my friend Yash and I had a real itch for a good game of badminton or basketball, but finding folks who matched our vibe and skill level was like looking for a needle in a haystack. It was a drag, you know? That initial laziness to start playing turned into frustration pretty quick. We’d spend more time hunting for games and players than actually playing. And don't get me started on the wild goose chase for a decent court! It was like the universe was telling us to just give up and go back to our couches.

But, you know what? We didn’t. We looked at each other and thought, What if there was a way to zap all that hassle? To connect players like us to the right game, right people, right place — just like that. That’s how our idea "NockOut" came to life.

So, we decided to go on a mission to build a platform that combines tech and passion for sports to cut through the clutter. Our aim? To get you playing more and planning less. Whether you’re trying to find your badminton groove back or you’re just looking for a friendly game of basketball, we’re here to smooth out the process.

But we didn’t stop there. We saw the headaches venues and sporting facilities went through too — managing spaces, juggling bookings, trying to figure out what players need. So, we're weaving technology into the mix, making it easy for venues to keep their booking sheets full and their players happy, all while giving them the kind of data insights that make a difference.

At the end of the day, we’re here to untangle the mess, making life easier for players and venues. With straightforward tech, genuine care, and an unwavering love for sports, we're turning the hassle into harmony.

Subramanya & Yash